Top City Lawyer lies about resume, Harvard, Oxford | Lawyer of Arabia

I find stories like this to be incredible.  As in, not credible.  As in, there’s something more to the story – there must be. How could Dennis O’Riordan lie about his resume and get away with it?  Among lawyers, who are paid to be suspicious?  It takes mere seconds to check a person’s registration with the New York Bar (I was duly sworn in in 2008; I had to work quite hard to get there, even if I was certified for admissi

Utah Officials Find Probable Cause Outgoing Attorney General …

A special investigation of outgoing Utah Attorney General John Swallow (R) has found probable cause that he committed multiple violations of state law.  Swallow announced his resignation from office on Thursday, citing the multiple investigations targeting him while at the same time insisting that he was innocent of any wrongdoing. In a report released Friday, a special counsel to Utah’s lieutenant governor said tha

State Attorney Releases Horrifying Report From Sandy Hook Shooting

S Monday afternoon, the Connecticut State Attorney’s office released the full report from the investigation into last December’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Terrifying as it is detailed, the report covers Adam Lanza’s path through the school, his possessions, and his possible motives. The document lists an extensive timeline from the shooting. The morning of December 14, 2012, La

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Review – Review …

Phoenix Wright and co. are put on trial once again in their first 3D outing. While Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies ties together many core elements and cast members from previous games, it also exhibits its own worthy additions to the court record. Apollo and Phoenix are back in session together this time and are joined by new recruit Athena Cykes. Thankfully, the trio take turns in the spotlight and n

Utah attorney general announces resignation in wake of bribery …

Rick Bowmer / AP Utah Attorney General John Swallow speaks during a news conference on Thursday, in Salt Lake City. By Michelle L. Price, The Associated Press Utah Attorney General John Swallow announced Thursday that he is stepping down amid multiple investigations of bribery and misconduct that have hounded him ever since he took office at the beginning of the year. Swallow discussed his resignation at a news conference

Tips In Writing A Good Resume For A Court Reporter Job

it should be a given that the job of court reporter New Orleans become a highly in-demand job. This is because the said job is only given to those who are qualified. It is a challenging job that is why it will be good for those people who knows how to work hard. The said job will be offered to those who are reliable. For those who are looking for a chance to get this job, they will have to remember to gather the right doc

U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon sworn in | WGN-TV

At 47 years old, Zachary Fardon becomes the next U.S. attorney of the northern district of Illinois. Surrounded by friends and family and a room full of political VIPS, as well as top notch lawyers, guest speakers took a few jabs

State attorney unlikely to decide on Jameis Winston charge before …

Posted November 25, 2013 Jameis Winston’s name was linked to a year-old sexual battery case. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs said Saturday it is unlikely that a final decision will be made before Thanksgiving on whether to charge Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston in a sexual assault case, according to the Associated Press. Meggs’ statement finishes up a week in which attorneys for

Teacher paid £17,000 compensation after slipping on a piece of HAM

A teacher who slipped while avoiding a slice of HAM and another who tumbled on a pen lid are among dozens of bizarre compensation payouts made by schools, it emerged yesterday (Weds). The teacher scooped £17,000 after side-stepping the meat slice on the dinner hall floor and slipping on “something gooey”. One council had to shell out £83,000 after an eight-year legal battle over a teacher who tripped on a football net. Th

The Single Page Lawyer Resume | Blog

In this competitive legal market, employers are bombarded with resumes. In most cases, they do no have the time or manpower to give resumes more than a cursory two-minute glance to make an initial determination. What does this mean for your resume? The formatting on your lawyer resume should be impeccable to give the reader an immediate positive impression. You should also consider submitting a single page lawyer resume;